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I would like you to invite me to your room and I would arrive in a coat with nothing underneath so I would quickly take it off and get hot and right down to dirty things in a jiffy you would feel me close to you and as we kiss and make love you would love to carry me and hug me I would feel like a hot and charming superb lady I greet men with wide smiles which take the breath away and I leave my husband in my bedroom and come to you I wear bright pink lipstick and my mascara and eyeliner are always in place and very attractive I am a uniquely beautiful lady who loves to stand out in a crowd I am a caring housewife though I am also very hot and horny I give pleasure in my negligee I wear hot pants also and my dresses are always short you can have me in your luxurious room with just a call I just need you to take me in your arms or I jump into them and have you feel something where you most want to I would tell you how I like to be touched and you must be very gentle in your approach.

I have many hobbies which are sewing and stitching and I am incredible at everything I do I wear big earrings and my necklaces are also very big and glamorous as I am a person who likes to show off I am a very creative person who is into many kinds of art I always know which exhibition is there in my town and I am also practicing arts and crafts myself in the form of glass painting and I would be a good painter one day is what I believe I love to listen to radio when I wake up I sit by my window sipping lemon tea and I see tall trees when I go around the town then also I see a beautiful landscape around me I wear silky dresses I also wear chiffon and I am very much into knowing about fabrics and my taste is quite good as I am told by my friends I like to taste something before having it and I like to have big cakes and pastries I am a true person who likes to tell the truth always I feel like I should always speak true and never lie I tell my friends what I do and where I go every day but I do not like to use cell phones or apps much I stay very peaceful and calm watching the grass and trees in this lovely town.

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Hello I love to tell people how I feel my name is Maria and I was born in Punjab I like to be a person who tells everything and does not hide anything I am not secretive at all I feel I can be anything depending on the day and the mood I am in I am a wild cat one day and the next day I am a quiet calm person who would sit for hours and just have snacks I like to watch TV and I also like to hang out with girls as I am very friendly and social I know the new bars around I always know which eateries have opened up in my locality and all of Noida  is known to me I am a person with vast knowledge and my spirit is limitless when it comes to sex and I like to try different postures I am always in the mood for some wild hot lovemaking and you never want to stop when you are with me you can let me know what you would like I would definitely fulfill your requests and you would feel my body close to you as and when you like I am here for a while so you must not miss this opportunity I love to visit the gardens here I like to enjoy everything the city has to offer from food to drinks to different types of beverages I am from a good family and in my family girls are allowed to drink and I tell my parents everything I do I do not need to hide anything from them I am enjoying my life a lot. India traveler Maria is here for you.

I most loved Varanasi which was incredibly hot at the time I went there I wore my sports shoes there and it was very hectic going there and coming back from there I found many nice people there who were from Spain and France and they helped me find things there I walked with them and we had a lot of talk about the differences in our countries I told them I work as Housewife Escorts in Noida and they were very pleased to know about me I loved the time I had with them they were very sweet and very much fun I loved to spend my days there as a tourist and this was a much-needed vacation I worked very hard before that and this was the time I was looking forward to I wore maxi dresses there and I felt free and I was very much surprised to see so much crowd there and this kind of a thing takes your thinking to another level and as you see many people you like to know about them and then you try to remember everyone you meet and I felt like a lot was happening in front of my eyes.

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I got a call from a friend who told me she was in India and that she is working and enjoying the things it offers I felt amazed to know that my friend who had just passed out from university was now earning and living independently and here I was going through courses in the newspaper I had with me she told me Noida is a very good place to be and that she works as an Housewife Call Girls in Noida and this fulfills her sexual needs as well as her monetary needs she shops with the money she gets from her work and she loves to meet new boys who are handsome and like to reciprocate her love these boys find her very sexy and charming she likes to compliment these boys and be very sweet with them and they treat her with much respect and this gives her the freedom to live her life she is a girl who loves to feel free and she does not tell her parents anything she does I am much different from her but this time I had to be careful and not let them know anything about my plans.

From her I got to know about the escort services in Noida and from then on I started to find out about it I liked to think about it first before I came here and I found out everything about this city in particular so I could live comfortably I know that this place is very clean and green and it is much better as compared to other Indian cities I feel it is quite necessary to know all about a place before you even think of living there I am a person who checks everything before doing something I feel it is vital for a girl especially for living somewhere that you know everything about a place I decided to give this profession a try and thus instead of studying for years I came to India to work and live on my own I very much enjoyed coming here and the time I got to spend here was the best time in my life I am still here if you feel like dropping by and feeling me close to you I am a lady who loves to explore bodies it is very much a luxury to go to grand hotels and provide escort services there I feel like I am a lady who is very loving and soft at heart I will please you to the highest degree of lovemaking and you will be coming back for more I would be the best girl for you to have I am a great girl pal to have and my friends would tell you the same thing I will be at your service as soon as you give me a call.